Desire to Save 12 - 15¢ per Litre on Diesel?

Posted by Cheap Diesel on 09:09 AM, 13-Feb-13

Cheap Diesel

Driving to work this morning the values at Husky for diesel fuel were listed as $1.269 per litre. How are truckers designed to earn a living when 40 - 50% with the money they've created rises in smoke? It’s the worst it’s held it's place in the memory of truckers who've been driving in excess of Thirty years.

You will find reasons, of course, including the costs of refining low sulfur diesel fuel to meet pollution laws and also the runaway demands for diesel overseas, although not every one of the components which are into the price of a litre of diesel fuel are at night control of owner-operators as well as other business truckers.

Sounds crazy? It’s not.

Sure the front-end constructed into the purchase price at the refinery is dependent upon factors that cannot easily be addressed: costs of crude; transportation; refining costs; taxes; more taxes; and, needless to say, oil company profits. However, once it’s on the truck leaving the refinery those costs are much less based mostly on fixed costs, because they are market conditions.

When purchasing at the pump, a trucker’sfuel cost is at the mercy of many factors, including demand and supply - such factors are beyond an owner-operator’s influence.

The greater companies seem to be capable of weather these market conditions better, do you understand why? One valid reason is that they buy in big amounts, or from the refinery and avoid make payment on retailers or cardlock operators’ markups. They become their particular distributors and save.

Inequality of purchasing power, that’s their competitive advantage; the owner-operator or small company do not want to buy in large quantities or buy enough to handle directly with all the refineries.They’re stuck, right? Wrong.

What if owner-operators or businesses could buy their fuel at 12 - 15¢ underneath the price in the pumps? How do money? They can join LifeLine Truckers where we've arranged for access to 50 cardlock locations in Ontario where they could pay an amount based on the refinery end of products, not industry end of things. They could stand toe-to-toe using the big companies and buy fuel at a price less than will be possible without volume pricing and special arrangements.

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